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Coping with mental health during a second lockdown

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The start of a second lockdown can trigger uncomfortable feelings such as sadness and anxiety as well as having a diminishing effect of one’s mental health. As this event is also occurring in winter, it can worsen seasonal effective disorder. Here are some tips to cope with a second lockdown

  • Get enough sleep – Sleep is essential during these cold winter months. Limiting online activities to two hours before bed will help with insomnia. Waking up in winter can be difficult as your sleeping environment is dark. SAD lamps mimic natural daylight which can encourage the brain to reduce how much melatonin it makes which makes you feel more awake.
  • Exercise regularly – Not only does exercise maintain physical health but it also strengthens your mental health. As parks and playgrounds are still open, fresh air and sunlight is vital for improving your mood. There are also lots of workout tutorials online if you prefer not to go out.
  • Stay in regular contact with friends and family – It’s easy to feel isolated during lockdown but it’s important to stay connected to friends and family. Plan regular zoom calls to have something to look forward to.
  • Self-care – Self -care is vital during this period of uncertainty. Switch off from the news. Treat yourself with small things e.g. a cup of tea and a movie. Do things which ease feelings of sadness and keep yourself distracted.