Our Story

Anytime Recruitment Ltd T/a Anytime Care 2020 was founded in January 2006. It is owned and operated by Admore Ishmael and Ed Sena, who are both very passionate about nurturing an Equal Opportunities enterprise that makes a positive contribution to the community. Since opening, the company has grown from a local to a national supplier due to the reputation for high quality staff and the very best in customer service.

Admore Ishmael: (Co-Founder and Director)

Admore (Ad) has a Business and Human Resources Management background, and over 15 years’ experience, working in senior management roles within various Nursing and Domiciliary Care agencies across the country.

Since the company’s inception in 2006, Ad’s main responsibility is the Finance Strategy for the Company, always working in coordination with Ed (Co-Founder) and the whole organisation to devise and oversee ongoing development of Anytime Care 2020 and has managed to grow the business from strength to strength.

Ad strongly believes in a business that makes positive contribution to the community.

Likes: Quality time with family, business documentaries, fine food & drink, learning.

Dislikes: Arguments, Regrets

Ed Sena: (Co-Founder and Managing Director)

Ed has over 19 years' experience working in various healthcare settings within the NHS and Private sector after completing Bachelor of Science Degree in Mental Health Studies and a Diploma in Higher Education Adult Nursing.

Ed leads on strategic planning, strong business development, building a team of people thoroughly driven to make a real difference and outstanding customer service.

Ed is a very proud dad of three boys, Kai, Ethan and Noah.

Likes: The feeling and impact of making a real positive difference within immediate family and the wider community, coaching/mentoring young people to be the very best versions of themselves.

Interesting fact: Ed shares the same birthday as his brother who is 3 years older than him.